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How to make English Toffee the easy way.You'll love this homemade Christmas treat perfect for gifting or parties.

this awesome idea!


It wouldn't be a Christmas season without making my mom's homemade English Toffee recipe. She's the reason I started this blog after all, (read the story here!) so it's only appropriate that I share one of her most famous recipes with all of you along with 13-layer rainbow jello.

This English Toffee candy is so simple to make and tastes delicious!Like, melt in your mouth delicious.

So if you've ever wondered "how to make toffee" this post will show you how easy it is!


This English butter toffee recipe is a popular Christmas treat made with butter, sugar, and chocolate.

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Homemade toffee is great for Neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, or visitors who stop by. Just package this English butter toffee little cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon for a quick gift!

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What is English toffee made of?

  • 1 pound real butter- do not use margarine (they don't call it a buttery English toffee recipe for no reason!)
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 ½ cups white sugar
  • 4 Tablespoons light corn syrup
  • about 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • chopped walnuts, if desired
  • candy thermometer
  • wooden spoon
  • large sauce pan
  • baker's half sheet (I use this one for all my baking!)
  • cellophane bags for gifts



1. First, melt the butter in a large saucepan on medium heat. Don't burn it! Once the butter starts melting, attach the candy thermometer to side of the pan like this:

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2. Once the butter melts, stir in the water, sugar, and light corn syrup. You'll cook it until it reaches 300 degrees F, or the hard crack stage. This is a hard toffee recipe, so be sure it reaches the full temperature.

It will take about 15 minutes to reach 300 degrees. Just keep stirring. So before you start making this Toffee, make sure you have a good 20 minutes or so that you can dedicate to just this!

3. Once the old English toffee mixture has reaches that temperature, you pour the super hot, sweet-smelling hot toffee mixture onto an extra large cookie sheet (*aff. link).

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4. Then you sprinkle semi-sweet chocolate chips onto the toffee. And if you keep your chocolate chips in the freezer like I do and are worried about them not melting, do not fear! They will melt just fine.

You'll want a bowl scraper to smooth the chocolate chips all over the toffee. Keep smoothing until the chocolate has melted and you have a nice, smooth layer on top.

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5. For English toffee with nuts, just sprinkle chopped walnuts, or your favorite nuts, on top at this point. You can certainly make it without nuts, too.

6. Take the cookie sheet (*aff. link) of goodness and place outside (if it's nice and cold!) or in the refrigerator and leave there until the toffee has hardened and the chocolate is no longer runny.

7. Once the toffee has cooled completely, hit with the back of a knife to make uneven pieces. Once you have one section broken, you can even use your hands to break the rest.

8. Store in an airtight container or package up for yummy gifts.

See how easy making toffee can be? Seriously, you got this!

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I would say I would send you some of ours, but the truth is: our entire batch is already gone. Guess we'll just need to make another! 🙂


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Here's the easy recipe for English Toffee!


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The Best English Toffee

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  • Total Time: 17 minutes
  • Yield: 13x18 cookie sheet (*aff. link) 1x
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A simple but amazing English Toffee, perfect for holiday gifts, parties, or treats!



  • 1 pound real butter, do not use margarine
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 ½ cups white sugar
  • 4 Tablespoons light corn syrup
  • about 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • chopped walnuts, if desired
  • candy thermometer
  • wooden spoon


  1. Melt the butter in a large saucepan. Attach the candy thermometer to the pan now.
  2. Once the butter is melted, add in the water, white sugar and corn syrup.
  3. Cook the mixture until it reaches 300 degrees F (hard crack) on a candy thermometer. This will take about 12-14 minutes. Make sure to stir continually so that it doesn't burn. Use a wooden spoon-- a plastic spoon will melt!
  4. Once it reaches 300 F, pour the mixture on an ungreased cookie sheet (10x15 is good).
  5. Sprinkle chocolate chips on the top and spread with a bowl scraper. (They will melt). Once you spread the chocolate and it's all melted, sprinkle the chopped nuts if you are going to add them. Cool until hard. To speed up the process, place outside in the cold weather or place in the refrigerator.
  6. Once cool and hard, use the back of a knife to break the English Toffee into pieces. Store in an air-tight container.
  • Prep Time: 3 minutes
  • Cook Time: 14 minutes
  • Category: Treats

Save this British toffee recipe for later! Enjoy one of our favorite Christmas goodies!

The Best English Toffee Recipe (2024) | So Festive! (10)
The Best English Toffee Recipe (2024) | So Festive! (2024)


Who makes the best toffee in the world? ›

  • Best Taste.
  • GOLD. Fritz Toffee Company Dark Chocolate Seasalt.
  • SILVER. Belle Toffee Bourbon Pecan Toffee in Gold Chocolate. Stella's Confectionery Door County Cherry and Toasted Almond Toffee. Tomo Toffee Dark Chocolate Toffee.
Jun 24, 2022

Why is my toffee chewy and not crunchy? ›

Low and slow

Simmering the syrup for English toffee to the requisite 300°F temperature can (and should) be a slow process — up to 20 minutes or so. Don't hurry this gradual transformation; syrup that doesn't reach 300°F, or close to it, will make candy with timid flavor and chewy (not crunchy) texture.

What is the difference between English toffee and regular toffee? ›

English Toffee is a nationwide favorite that is easily made with only a few ingredients. The difference between regular toffee and English Toffee is one important ingredient – butter! I make English Toffee throughout the year for special occasions and it's always a big hit.

What is the shelf life of English toffee? ›

For maximum taste and texture, we do recommend that you either enjoy your toffee immediately, or store it in a refrigerator or freezer. Once opened, unrefrigerated toffee will retain maximum freshness for about a week. Refrigeration adds 3-6 months of shelf life, while freezing adds up to a year or more.

Who is the king of toffee? ›

By 1896, Mackintosh was calling himself the "Toffee King" and his product "The King of All the Toffees".

What is the famous toffee in England? ›

English Creamy Toffee - Walker's Nonsuch.

What can go wrong when making toffee? ›

Stirring too quickly or too often can cause the toffee to separate. Moderate the heat as needed – turn it down if the toffee is boiling or cooking too fast so it doesn't burn. Cook until the toffee registers 285-290 degrees on an instant-read or candy thermometer and is deep amber brown in color, about 20-25 minutes.

Why do you add baking soda to toffee? ›

Brittles and toffees accumulate small amounts of acid from the browning reactions that occur during cooking. This is one reason why the baking soda is added at the end of cooking. The soda reacts with the acid to make bubbles, and the syrup foams.

What is the best pan for making toffee? ›

This should NOT be a non-stick pan, because non-stick pans allow crystals to be pulled into the cooking toffee and will cause the batch to crystallize. The heavy pan distributes heavy evenly so the toffee cooks without burning.

What is toffee called in America? ›

The English toffee eaten with regularity in America is also called buttercrunch. What's the difference? Primarily, the difference rests in the ingredients. Toffee in Britain is made with brown sugar, whereas buttercrunch is made with white granulated sugar.

What is English toffee called in England? ›

Although named English toffee, it bears little resemblance to the wide range of confectionery known as toffee currently available in the United Kingdom. However, one can still find this product in the UK under the name "butter crunch". Conversely, in Italy they are known as "mou candies".

Do you stir toffee or not? ›

If you don't stir the toffee often as it's cooking, the toffee can separate. Once the toffee reaches 250 F degrees, stir the toffee frequently to make sure the ingredients stay together. The toffee can also separate if the temperature is too high and it gets too hot too fast. So keep the temperature around medium heat.

Can you freeze English toffee? ›

Yes, but it needs to be set out of the refrigerator to bring to room temperature before serving. + Can it be frozen? It can.

Can you cook toffee too long? ›

Your toffee is better off overcooked than undercooked! Undercooked toffee won't be anything more than a caramel sauce. But overcooked toffee will be just slightly crunchier (almost unrecognizably). So, always err on the side of over-cooking!

Can I use expired toffee? ›

In general, toffee has a relatively long shelf life because sugar acts as a natural preservative. When properly stored in a cool, dry place and kept in an airtight container or packaging, toffee can typically remain safe to eat for several months to a year or even longer.

Which is the famous toffee in the world? ›

Our English Toffee is World Famous for good reason - cooked to perfection so it melts in your mouth and covered with the finest milk chocolate and fresh roasted almonds.

What is the top 1 candy in the world? ›

Snickers is listed as the most popular candy in the world. M&Ms, with annual sales of over $500 million, is the most popular candy brand in the United States. In duty-free shops, Toblerone is the best selling candy. KitKat's popularity is the highest in Japan, with over 200 distinct flavors available such as green tea.

What is the most successful candy company in the world? ›

1. Mars Wrigley Confectionery, div. of Mars Inc.

What is the German brand of toffee? ›

What are the most popular German candy brands? Some of the most popular German candy brands include Haribo, Katjes, and Lindt Chocolate.


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