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Rabbi Dovid Kass teaches courses relevant to each trimester (for instance, Hilchos teshuvah focusing on Bein Adam LiMakom in the first trimester), as well as the Gra on Megilas Esther, and Sfas Emes.

Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller-Gottliebteaching Chumash (selecting the Parshah relevant to the trimester at hand, for instance selections of Kedoshim relevant to Bein Adam L'chaveiro in the second trimester). Rebbetzin Gottlieb also gives weekly vaadim in her home on relevant topics.

Rabbi Dovid Refsonteaches the girls in depth about various Mitzvos Bein Adam Lachaviro, going through Rishonim, Acharonim, and Baali Mussar.

RabbiDovid Ostroffteaches topics of halacha, ranging from Hilchos Kashrus to Shabbos, tying-in live demonstrations that leave the girls with a clear picture of how a Frum kitchen shouldlook. The gedolim stories which he often shares instill respect and admiration for Klal Yisrael'srole models.

Mrs. Sender
has taken the responsibility of supervising the girls’ daily limud-atzmi of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch with the Piskei Dinim of the Mishneh Brurah. Because the girls learn the material themselves, the level of depth of understanding and integration is incomparable to that which is achieved by passive listening.

Rebbetzin Atschuler(formally principal of the Gerrer Bais Yaakov sem) shares the kedushaof Eretz Yisrael in passionate, well-organized classes discussing the history of the Jews' presence in Artzainu Ha’Kadosha. Sheclarifiesthemany sh*tos on the mitzvahof Yishuv Ha'aretz, shares stories of various gedolim in Eretz Yisrael, and instills in the girls a new love for the land.

Mrs.Kassunravels the mussar of Rav Eliyahu Dessler, delivering insights into Jewish philosophy and ethics in a clear manner with practical explanations applicable to each girl and her personal growth. Her genuine enthusiasm and love for Hashem and His Torah are clear in each class.

Geveret Plachinski
, a distinguished educator in Yerushalaim's Seminar Chadash, the flagship of Israeli seminary education, offers incredible and practical insights on the weekly Haftorah, with real-life lessons from unique parts of Tanach. With the class fully in Ivrit, students have the opportunity to hone their skills, and within a short time, the girls are able to learn in that language.

Mrs. Shochatovitz
covers a variety of inyanim betanach, including the korbanos, different forms of tefilla, and the reciprocal love of Hashem and Klal Yisrael. Her kindly manner and unswerving commitment to the Emes contained within Torah allow the girls to see what true conviction means.

Rabbi Immanuel Bernstien
pulls crystal clear ideas out of seemingly perplexing Gemaras and Midrashim. He provides the girls a glimpse into the complexity and depth which exists inside Aggadda, leaving them with awe and excitement. The themes of these witty lessons and the practical mussar they contain make a tremendous impact.

Yossi Cohen discusses a multitude of philosophical topics, transforming seemingly abstract concepts into practical life lessons. Students walk away with a profound appreciation for the complexity of the Torah and an understanding for how to apply its depth into their lives.

Rabbi Harroch passionately gives over shiurim on an array of relevant topics, from properly keeping Shabbos to the power of music to Civil Law. Students have the opportunity to see a wide variety of mekoros, gain inspiration from all sorts of stories and meshalim, ask questions, and overall acquire a new depth of understanding on topics that they’ve heard about in the past.

Mrs. Ashenberg
uses various commentaries to draw out the mussar in medrash, drawing on ways to stay strong and tackle the yetzer haros of the modern world.Her stirring lessons encourage the girls to rethink their thoughts and attitudes towards various topics, making sure that their values are always alligned with real Torah ones.

Mrs. Hirschman
teaches the drashos of the Beis HaLevi. She provides sources that the girls learn before class, from Pesukim straight through the Gemaros, Rishonim, and Acharonim. She then ties them together with the Drasha, and guides engaging and thought-provoking discussions on the topic.

Mrs. Saperstein
offers multi-tiered approach of Dovid Hamelech's words, offering deeper explanations of pirkei Tehillim from various perspectives. Her lessons offer ideas and thoughts applicable to tefilla and hashkafic growth. Her love for the holy words she teaches and for her students is felt in every class.

The "oil" that makes everything else run is joi de vire. We want the girls to swim, jeep, explore, climb, see, kayak, and all of the rest of what makes this year special. Most of all enjoy every spare moment.

More About Bnos Avigail (2024)


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