Here’s How to Get and Use MyLVHN (2024)

MyLVHN is Lehigh Valley Health Network’s (LVHN) patient portal. It’s a website (and an app) that lets you interact with your health care providers securely in many patient-focused ways, such as LVHN Video Visits and E-Visits. If you don’t already have a MyLVHN account, today is the day to get one – and it’s free. MyLVHN is available to you whether you already have a doctor or other specialist with LVHN or Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVPG), or not.

Two ways to sign up

It’s easy to sign up for MyLVHN. Choose the device you want to use to create your account and follow the directions below. For certain types of care, specifically LVHN Video Visits, you will need to have the MyLVHN app on your camera-enabled smart device or mobile phone. – From your laptop or desktop computer, visit On the landing page, look for the button that says, “Sign Up Now.” Click it and you will see instructions and a form to create your MyLVHN account with an activation code. If you don’t have an activation code, which is provided after appointments with LVPG health care providers, you can still sign up. Click the button called, “Sign Up Online,” (at the bottom of the page), and complete the requested information.

MyLVHN app – Our free app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store for mobile phones and other smart devices that use apps. Just search for MyLVHN and download the app. After it’s downloaded, open it and you will be taken to the login page.

To create your My LVHN account, press on the “Sign Up Now” button on the bottom of that page. If you don’t have an activation code from an LVPG appointment, press the words, “Sign Up Online,” and you will be taken to a form that you can complete to open your MyLVHN account.

Great things you can do with MyLVHN

With your MyLVHN account, you can interact with your health care providers in new, “virtual” ways, request prescription refills, pay bills, review past appointment information and more. Here are some highlights:

  • Send secure messages – Sometimes, it isn’t convenient to call the office and wait to speak with a nurse or other member of the health care team. With MyLVHN, you can send a secure message to your health care team at your LVPG doctor’s office or specialist’s office about non-urgent issues. You will receive a reply in your MyLVHN account within 24 hours.
  • Have a video visitLVHN Video Visits offer a way for you to have an appointment with your doctor or other LVHN health care specialist without leaving the comfort of home. There are different types of video visits for different needs. ExpressCARE video visits provide virtual care if you have a minor illness or injury. An ExpressCARE video visit can be scheduled by you on MyLVHN.

If you would like a video visit with your LVPG doctor or other LVHN health care specialist, call the office and ask if a virtual office appointment (video visit) can be scheduled. If a video visit is appropriate for your concern, the office will schedule one for you.

Special note about Pediatric Video Visits

To help provide more virtual care options for children, we offer two types of video visits just for kids.

  1. ExpressCARE Video Visits – Children between 3-17 can have an ExpressCARE video visit for minor illness or injury care. To schedule, a parent or guardian needs to have a MyLVHN account AND proxy access to the child’s MyLVHN account. If you do not have proxy access, please call your child’s health care provider to request it.
  2. Virtual office appointments – Babies through teens can have a virtual office visit with their LVPG health care provider. Simply call your child’s health care provider’s office and ask if a video visit can be scheduled. If you need the phone number for your doctor’s office, visit
  3. Get health advice through an LVHN E-Visit – An E-Visit is a non-video way to get guidance for common illnesses or health problems, such as seasonal allergy symptoms or skin rash. An interactive questionnaire will ask a series of questions that would be asked if you went to the office for care. A health care provider with LVHN will get back to you with advice or further questions to help give you the care you need.

Take some time to explore all the great features on MyLVHN. You can review your test results, medications, immunizations, schedule appointments and much more. If you have any technical problems setting up your MyLVHN account, call our MyLVHN team at 844-4MY-LVHN (844-469-5846).

Here’s How to Get and Use MyLVHN (2024)


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