Classic French Palmiers Recipe (2024)

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Palmiers are incredibly easy to make. With just two ingredients and about 10 minutes of baking time, you will have cookies to rival the fanciest of bakeries.

Use our Quick Puff Pastry Dough recipe to make entirely homemade palmiers.

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Our family is absolutely addicted to the box of palmiers Costco sales. However, making them homemade is just so darn easy. Plus, the aroma that will fill your home is priceless.

What Are Palmiers?

Palmiers are classic french cookies. They are sweet and buttery and too easy to binge eat. Palmiers, which translates to “palm trees” in English, got their name due to the cookies resemblance of the palm leaf.

Pronounced “pal-mee-ei”, these elegant cookies have a delicate crisp to them and are so chock-full of butter that they melt in your mouth. Have yourself a proper English tea time by pairing them with a cup of earl grey (don’t forget to add half-and-half and a spoonful of honey).

What Are Palmiers Made Of?

Despite their impressive appearance, palmiers only require two simple ingredients — puff pastry and sugar. They are delicious in their simplicity, although you can spruce them up with spices and dried fruits. You can also skip the sugar altogether and make savory palmiers. Find a couple of my favorite variations to the palmier below:

  • Add a tablespoon of cinnamon or nutmeg
  • Add a half cup of chopped currants, cranberries or dates
  • Omit the sugar and spread on a generous layer of poppy seed filling
  • Omit the sugar and add replace with pesto or tapenade and a heaping pile of freshly grated parmesan cheese (serve as an appetizer or alongside a charcuterie plate)
  • Craving baklava but don’t have the time or patience? Make a quick spin on the treat by adding chopped pistachios and a generous drizzle of honey
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Tips for the Best Palmiers

  • Dough: Make sure the dough you are working with is extra cold. When puff pastry gets warm, the butter melts and your cookies won’t have those beautiful, flaky layers.

Hot tip: If you’re working with frozen dough that needs to be thawed, make sure it sits out for no longer than 30 minutes. Once the dough is pliable, you will want to use it immediately as to prevent the butter from melting.

  • Sugar: Use a high-quality, specialty coarse sugar (demerara works great) and be very generous with it. The texture of natural sugars will give your cookies a nice bite. Once you sprinkle the first layer of sugar onto the dough, press it in once or twice with a rolling pin.
  • Baking: Once your cookies are rolled and cut, bake them right away to prevent the butter from melting at room temperature. Yes, they will melt in the oven, but you want to give your cold cookies a blast of heat versus allowing them to melt on your counter. Trust me, the texture difference is significant.
  • Use High Temperature: Piggybacking off the previous tip, palmiers need to be baked quickly and at high temperature. Bake them at 450℉ for 6 minutes. Flip the cookies and bake for an additional 5 minutes, or until golden brown.
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Freezing Palmiers

Palmiers are excellent cookies to be frozen and baked for later. However, you can only freeze them raw, not baked.

After cutting your cookies, line them on a baking sheet and freeze. Remove the frozen palmiers from the baking sheet and store in an airtight container or freezer bag. Bake at 450℉ for 7 minutes, flip them over and finish them off for another 6 minutes.

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Palmiers Recipe

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20 cookies

Prep Time 15 minutes mins

Cook Time 10 minutes mins

Total Time 25 minutes mins

Recipe contributed by: Natalya Drozhzhin

Palmiers are incredibly easy to make. With just two ingredients and 10 minutes of baking time, you will have cookies to rival the fanciest of bakeries.


  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 puff pastry sheet


  • Place the puff pastry dough on a floured surface. Sprinkle it generously with sugar and run a rolling pin on it.

  • Fold over the dough into the center and repeat again until the center meets.

  • Cut it into 1/4 inch cookies. Place them sideways on a baking sheet.

  • Bake them at 450°F for 6 minutes and flip them over to the other side.

  • Bake for 5 more minutes and enjoy!

Note: Based on the size of the cookies, you may need to adjust the baking time. They are ready when golden brown.

Nutrition Facts

Palmiers Recipe

Amount Per Serving

Calories 97 Calories from Fat 45

% Daily Value*

Fat 5g8%

Saturated Fat 1g5%

Sodium 31mg1%

Potassium 7mg0%

Carbohydrates 13g4%

Fiber 1g4%

Sugar 8g9%

Protein 1g2%

Calcium 1mg0%

Iron 1mg6%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Posted October 28, 2020

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Natalya Drozhzhin

Natalya founded Momsdish to demonstrate that placing a homemade meal on the table is not hard at all. Natalya makes cooking easier and approachable, by simplifying the ingredients, while still producing the same great taste.

  1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (15)

    EvFeb 16, 2024

    Have you tried it with gluten free flour?

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (16)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 16, 2024

      I have not Ev, but if you do, please report back. 🙂

  2. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (17)

    LoisNov 7, 2023

    Does this require parchment paper or a greased cookie sheet?

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (18)

      Natalya DrozhzhinNov 8, 2023

      Hey Lois, You can use parchment paper, but it's not necessary. Enjoy!

  3. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (19)

    OliApr 23, 2023

    They came out fine but I hade to use half the sugar and it was still too much

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (20)

      Natalya DrozhzhinApr 24, 2023

      Hi There, You can always adjust the recipe to your liking. Thank you for sharing your feedback with me. Enjoy!!

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (22)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 27, 2023

      Hi Jamie, I actually have a rolled Baklava recipe that you may enjoy. I will post it for you below.…

  4. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (23)

    Lynette T BallardMar 12, 2023

    Are you supposed to sprinkle dough each time you fold, or just the one time at the beginning?

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (24)

      Natalya DrozhzhinMar 13, 2023

      Hi Lynette, that's a great question. You are supposed to sprinkle some sugar on every fold. Thank you for reaching out!

  5. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (25)

    BeckyFeb 10, 2023

    When do you put the cream on? Do you brush before baking?

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (26)

      Natalya DrozhzhinFeb 10, 2023

      Hi Becky, if you are referring to the sugar coating, you put that on before you shape the dough. I hope it turns out absolutely delicious!!

  6. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (27)

    MagdaDec 30, 2022

    I love to try these, but I would like to know how many times the dough is folded or how many inches wide is each folding.
    Thank you.

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (28)

      Natalya DrozhzhinDec 30, 2022

      Hi Megda, mine were pretty small, I folded each side 3 times so total of 6 folds. About 2 inches in size of each fold. But this would depend on how thin you roll out the dough and how big of a sheet you get. Its hard to mess them up, you can decide on the folds as you work with the dough. Hope this helps.

  7. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (29)

    MaryAug 27, 2022

    I just love palmiers but not the bakery price. Thanks for posting this (seriously, couldn’t be easier) recipe. When I try to cut the cookies with a knife they tend to squish, can these be cut with dental floss instead or will that take too much time and handling?

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (30)

      Natalya DrozhzhinAug 27, 2022

      Hello Mary- you are so welcome. Using floss is a genius idea! I haven't tried it, but I think it would work- just make sure it's flavorless dental floss. 😀 Enjoy!

  8. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (31)

    CalDec 28, 2020

    You keep mentioning the butter will melt. Where and when does the butter come into play?

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (32)

      Natalya DrozhzhinDec 28, 2020

      Hey Cal, puff pastry is made with butter. I hope this helps.

  9. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (33)

    JenOct 29, 2020

    Wow, this really couldn't get any easier to make! Thanks for the tip about letting the dough sit out before using. Worked perfectly.

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (34)

      Natalya DrozhzhinOct 29, 2020

      They really are super easy to make and look fancy!

  10. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (35)

    NatalieOct 28, 2020

    The most buttery pieces of heaven! They are so quick & easy!!

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (36)

      Natalya DrozhzhinOct 28, 2020

      Yes, they are super simple and absolutely delicious!

  11. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (37)

    KristynOct 28, 2020

    They look like little hearts! My girls will love making these. It's an easy recipe for anyone to enjoy!

    1. Classic French Palmiers Recipe (38)

      Natalya DrozhzhinOct 28, 2020

      Oh yes they do! I hope you and the girls love them.

Classic French Palmiers Recipe (2024)


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